Zetex Introduces the ZHCS2000 Schottky Barrier Diode

Zetex plc (Commack, NY) has introduced a new surface-mount Schottky barrier diode, the ZHCS2000, which offers a current capability of 2Adc with a forward voltage of 500mV. The voltage drop of the new device is typically 340mV at 1A and 485mV at 3A. The ZHCS2000 comes in SOT23-6 packaging.

Zetex's new device exhibits a typical recovery time of 5.5ns and a reverse breakdown voltage of 40V. The leakage current is typically 160µA at a reverse voltage of 30V, and the measured capacitance for the part is quoted as 50pF when Vr is equal to 25V.

The ZHCS2000 is suited for application in dc/dc conversion, rectification and reverse breakdown voltage protection circuits. It can be used in mobile computing and communications products, such as PDAs, cellular phones, PCMCIA, battery-charging circuits and dc/dc converters. Pricing is $0.33 each in 1,000-piece quantities, with delivery in 8 weeks in production volumes.

Zetex Semiconductors
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