Yongxing Releases RJ78 Series Resistors

Sichuan Yongxing Electronics Co. Ltd. (China) has released its RJ78 Series of cost-insulated, metal-film resistors, which feature a low temperature coefficient and high stability. Suitable for use in precision instrumentation applications, automatic control and defense engineering applications, the RJ78-0.25 and RJ78-0.5 connectors have a power rating of 0.25W and 0.5W, and a working voltage of 250V and 300V, respectively.

With a resistance range of 10 ohms to 3 megohms (RJ78-0.25) and 10 ohms to 5 megohms (RJ78-0.5), the metal-film resistors can withstand a soldering temperature of 260±5°C for 10s. Dimensions are 2.5mm x 6.5mm for the RJ78-0.25, and 3.5mm x 9.5mm for the RJ78-0.5.

Sichuan Yongxing Electronics Co. Ltd.
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