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XPiQ Presents JPP Series AC-DC Power Supplies

XPiQ Inc. (Holliston, MA), a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of ac/dc and dc/dc power supply products, announced its new JPP Series of 130 W ac-dc switching power supplies, which offer high power density at 7.2 W/in³ and come in a choice of 24 models with between two and five outputs. The JPP Series measures 76 mm x 127 mm x 30 mm (3 in x 5 in x 1.2 in) and weighs 320 g. Typical applications are networking, instrumentation, and broadcast and data communications equipment.

The JPP power supplies have universal inputs (90 Vac to 264 Vac; 120 Vdc to 370 Vdc) with integral power-factor correction. In all versions output one is +5.1 V/12 A and output two can be 12 V/6 A, 15 V/4.8 A or 24 V/3 A. Outputs three and four are adjustable between +5 to +24 V/1 A and -5 to -24 V/1 A respectively. The fifth output is 3.3 V/12 A. Line regulation is ±0.5 percent maximum, and ripple and noise are limited to 65 mV for output one and one percent peak-to-peak on other outputs. The power supplies use two independent power trains to provide tight regulation on the two low-voltage, high-current outputs.

The JPP operates from -10 °C to +60 °C with linear de-rating from +40 °C ambient to 50 percent of maximum output at +60 °C. Only 10 CFM of forced-air cooling is needed for full power operation at up to +40 °C ambient. Sample quantities are available in stock with production volumes supplied in eight weeks ARO. The series is priced as low as $75 for 1,000 pieces.

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