XP Power Releases Dual Output COTS DC-DC Converter For Military & Avionics Applications

XP Power announced the MTC15 and MTC30 dual output additions to its MTC series of fully encapsulated commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) 4 to 35W dc-dc converters. Suitable for military and avionic platforms with a nominal 28 Vdc input, the new 15 and 30W units are available with either ± 12Vdc or ± 15Vdc outputs.

Offering a wide input range from +15.5 to +40Vdc, the units can accommodate 10Vdc transients for 10 seconds and up to 50Vdc for one second as stipulated by MIL-STD 704B-F. Up to 80% of the full output power can be drawn from either the positive or negative output as long as the maximum output power is not exceeded. The converters feedback loop constantly monitors both outputs in order to provide a high degree of load regulation.

The converters also meet MIL-STD 1275A/B/C/D and MIL-STD 704A standards for surges and transients when used in conjunction with the MTF50 filter module. When this filter is installed, the converters also meet MIL-STD 461E/F for conducted emissions and susceptibility. The units meet the environmental MIL-STD 810F specification that covers shock, vibration, humidity, temperature, salt spray and altitude. Case operating temperature range is from -40 to + 100°C. Units that can accommodate an operating temperature down to -55°C are available to order. Control lines provide the ability to inhibit the output and to synchronize the switching frequency to an external frequency source in the range of 400 – 500kHz.

Designed specifically for military and avionics applications, the MTC series uses COTS components to offer significant cost savings and reduce time-to-market compared to using traditionally developed military power supplies.

The MTC15 dual output 15W unit is priced at $203 in OEM quantities.