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Wireless Power Market Advances with GaN Systems’ 100W and 300W Solutions

GaN Systems unveiled two wireless power amplifiers that will revolutionize the wireless charging market for high-power consumer, industrial, and transport applications. These new solutions include the 100W power amplifier with ranges from 70W to 100W and the 300W power amplifier with ranges from 150W to 1kW. GaN Systems displayed both solutions and demonstrated the 300W amplifier at PCIM in Nuremberg, Germany on June 5-7, 2018.

As wireless charging goes mainstream, GaN is removing the limitations by making way of new higher power system designs that provide the spatial freedom and faster charge times.

The 100W power amplifier [GSWP100W-EVBPA, pictured above] is designed for applications in the consumer market for items such as laptop computers, recreation drones, domestic aide robots, power tools, and fast-charging of multiple smart phones.

The 300W power amplifier [GSWP300W-EVBPA] is targeted for the industrial and transportation markets for applications that include delivery drones, warehousing robots, medical units, factory automation, contractor power tools, eBikes, and scooters.


Both power amplifiers have a range of features including current or voltage control, built-in protection circuitry, EMI filtering, and configurable output power. The amplifiers combine GaN systems power transistors with high frequency GaN E-HEMT drivers from pSemi.

"Our GaN solutions are creating opportunities for the development of high-power, high efficiency power systems in applications such as wireless power transfer and charging," stated Paul Wiener, Vice-President, Strategic Marketing for GaN Systems.

"The power ecosystem has changed. There is now availability of high dv/dt level-shifters, fast response IC sensing and control, low-loss high frequency magnetics, and high performing GaN transistor and amplifier capabilities that are enabling smaller, lighter, lower cost, and more efficient power systems," concluded Wiener.

GaN Systems Inc. , pSemi
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