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VPT Intros Military DC/DC Power Converters

VPT Inc. (Blacksburg, VA) introduced three new product families of high-density/high-reliability dc/dc power converters designed to meet MIL-STD-704 A-D power bus standards for the military, avionics and space markets. Developed through a joint venture with Delta Electronics Inc. (Taiwan), the DVSA, DVHF and DVTR families are pin-to-pin equivalents for existing industry products, but are intended to provide enhanced electrical performance and features. Product improvements inlcude complete magnetic feedback, without the use of optocouplers; well-controlled undervoltage lockout circuitry to eliminate slow start-up problems; higher output power; and lower high frequency noise. The devices provide up to 30W of output power and operate from 15-50Vdc input with transient operation up to 80Vdc for a full 1 second. They are available in single, dual and triple output configurations. The dc/dc converters are manufactured with thick film hybrid technology designed to enable high-reliability, small size, and low weight. Available in three different screening levels, they are considered ideal for military/aerospace applications. The product line was designed so that the FET pad size in the layout will accommodate a larger geometry die size needed for radiation hardened FETs in the same layout. According to VPT, the 5W DVSA family and the 15-20W DVTR family were recently tested by Lockheed-Martin for total dose. The standard devices were tested to levels of 60K RAD total dose, and the standard product with a rad hard FET tested to the level of 250K RAD total dose.

VPT Inc. , Delta Electronics Inc.
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