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Vishay Telefunken Intros New Family of 20 Schottky Glass Diodes

Vishay Telefunken (Germany) introduced a new family of 20 Schottky glass diodes, including the first devices in the exclusive MicroMELF package. The new devices combine a choice of 30V, 40V, 50V and 60V maximum reverse voltages with four package options: the DO-35, the SOD80 MiniMELF, the SOD80 QuadroMELF, and the exclusive MicroMELF. With typical forward voltages ranging from 320mV for the 30V devices to 410mV for the 40V and 60V devices, the new diodes are designed to minimize forward losses in cell phones, notebook computers and other mobile applications. The devices also feature fast switching speeds for more efficient operation, with typical turn-on times as low as 3ns.According to Vishay Telefunken, its MicroMELF is the smallest glass package on the market. With dimensions as small as 2mm x 1.25mm x 1.25mm, and using the industry-standard 0805 outline, MicroMELF Schottky diodes are claimed to help reduce space requirements while using the same solder pads and design rules for placing and soldering traditional devices. The square cross-section of the company's QuadroMELF and MicroMELF packages is claimed to speed up assembly of printed circuit boards. When assembled using vacuum techniques, the pick-and-place procedure is claimed to be 20 to 40 percent faster than with standard, round diodes."Whether they're used as a signal rectifier in an RF circuit, a low-voltage power supply, or any other of their many target applications, these new Schottky diodes will save space, accelerate the assembly process, and provide the reliable performance for which designers have relied on Vishay Telefunken for more than 30 years," stated Senior Marketing Manager Juergen Wilhelm. Pricing of the new diodes starts at $0.40 for wired and $0.45 for leadless packages, in OEM quantities.

Vishay Telefunken
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