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Vishay Bringing Discrete Semis, ICs and Passives to APEC 2020

At APEC 2020, Vishay Intertechnology will be highlighting its latest industry-leading power IC, passive component, diode, and MOSFET technologies for a wide range of applications. New products to be displayed by Vishay at APEC 2020 include:

Automotive Grade and Commercial IHLP® and IHLE® Low Profile, High Current Inductors Save Space; IHDF Edge-Wound, Through-Hole Inductor Increases Efficiency

Vishay expands its IHLP® and IHLE® series with Automotive Grade and commercial devices in the 5050 case size with operating temperatures to +155°C. IHLP® devices are also available in the 1212 case size — the company’s smallest to date. For industrial and military applications, the IHDF-1300AE-10 edge-wound, through-hole inductor provides low DCR of 1.1mΩ.

Wireless Charging Coils Deliver High Efficiency for Portable Electronics, Qi Wireless Charging Pads

Vishay’s new ferrite-based, WPC-compliant (Wireless Power Consortium) wireless charging coils offer direct replacements for devices for which end-of-life (EOL) was announced in 2017. Featuring a durable construction and high permeability shielding, the Vishay Dale receiver and transmitter coils provide high efficiency in a variety of industry-standard sizes.

ThermaWick™ SMD Thermal Jumper Chip Removes Heat From Electrically Isolated Components

The Vishay Dale Thin Film THJP provides a thermal conductive pathway from electrically isolated components to a ground plane or common heatsink, reducing the temperature of connected components by over 25%. This reduction allows designers to increase the power handling capability of these devices or extend their useful life at existing operating conditions.

Automotive Grade Ultra Precision Thin Film Flat Chip Resistors Offered in New Space-Saving Case Size

Now available in the compact 0402 case size, the Vishay Draloric TNPU e3 series offers excellent long-term stability of ≤0.05% for 1000 hours at rated power P70. The devices combine the proven reliability of previous-generation products with temperature coefficients down to ±5ppm/K and tighter tolerances down to ±0.05% for increased accuracy.

Automotive Grade Precision Thin Film Flat Chip Resistors Offered in Compact 0201 Case Size

Vishay’s well-known TNPW e3 series of precision thin film resistors is now available in the 0201 case size with resistance ranges from 22Ω to 40kΩ. The devices combine tolerances of ±0.5% and ±0.1% with TCR of ±25ppm/K and best in class long term stability of ≤0.05%.

Customizable Lug Sensors and High Energy PTC Inrush Current Limiting Thermistors for Automotive Applications

For design flexibility, AEC-Q200 qualified NTC lug thermistors are available in M2 to M6 screw sizes, with high temperature ratings to +150°C and high insulation voltage ratings to 2.7kVac. Automotive PTC thermistors offer high energy absorption levels up to 240J at 1000Vdc, are peak voltage resistant up to 2kV, and feature self-protection against overheating.

3V Ruggedized ENYCAP™ Electrical Double-Layer Energy Storage Capacitors Offer Long Life and High Moisture Resistance

For energy harvesting and power backup applications in harsh, high humidity environments, Vishay BCcomponents 235 EDLC-HVR ENYCAP™ capacitors are the industry’s first such high voltage devices to offer useful life of 2000 hours at +85°C and meet the highest class of moisture resistance: the biased 85°C/ 85% RH 1500-hour test.

TMBS® Rectifiers in Low Profile SMP Package Increase Power Density and Efficiency

Vishay expands its offering of TMBS® rectifiers with 16 new 2A and 3A devices in the eSMP® series low profile SMP (DO-220AA) package. The Vishay General Semiconductor rectifiers offer low forward voltage drop down to 0.36V to reduce power losses and increase efficiency, while their 3A rating is the industry’s highest for the SMP package.

FRED Pt® Ultrafast Rectifiers in SMP and MicroSMP Packages Increase Power Density, Improve Efficiency

New 100V and 200V FRED Pt® Ultrafast recovery rectifiers increase power density by providing the high current ratings typically reserved for the SMA package — up to 2A — in the smaller eSMP® series SMP (DO-220AA) and MicroSMP (DO-219AD), which utilize 24% and 57% less PCB space, respectively. To reduce power losses and improve efficiency, the rectifiers feature low forward voltage drop down to 0.69V.

TMBS® and FRED Pt® Rectifiers in SlimSMAW Package Increase Power Density, Efficiency, and Reliability

Vishay introduces new A, 3 A, and 5A TMBS® rectifiers and 100V and 200V FRED Pt® Ultrafast recovery rectifiers in the eSMP® series SlimSMAW (DO-221AD) package with a low 1.0mm profile. Footprint-compatible with the common SOD-128, the SlimSMAW package features larger lead widths and shorter lengths than devices in the SlimSMA for AOI systems and increased reliability. Available in AEC-Q101 qualified versions, the devices offer low forward voltage drop to reduce power losses and increase efficiency.

microBUCK® and microBRICK™ Buck Regulators With PMBus Interfaces and High Peak Efficiency

The Vishay Siliconix microBUCK® SiC451 and microBRICK™ SiC951 combine high performance trench MOSFETs in compact 5mm by 7mm and 10.6mm by 6.5mm by 3mm thermally efficient packages, respectively, with the SiC951 also offering an integrated inductor. Both devices support over 50 PMBus commands. Capable of supplying up to 30A of continuous output current and offering peak efficiency up to 96%, the buck regulators’ output voltage is digitally adjustable from 0.3V to 5.5V with 1% output voltage accuracy.

VRPower® Smart Power Stages Increase Efficiency and Accuracy to Lower Energy Costs for Server Farms and Computing Applications

The 80A SiC820 and SiC830 feature integrated current and temperature monitors in the thermally enhanced PowerPAK® MLP56-39L package. While solutions that monitor power consumption using inductor DCR sensing offer current reporting accuracy of 7%, the Vishay Siliconix solutions utilize low side MOSFET sensing for accuracy of <3%. This translates into better performance and improved thermal management in high current processors.

80V TrenchFET® Gen IV N-Channel Power MOSFET in the PowerPAK® SO-8 Single Package Increases Efficiency

For power conversion topologies and switching circuitry, the Vishay Siliconix SiR680ADP combines on-resistance down to 2.35mΩ typical at 10V with ultra low gate charge of 55nC and COSS of 614pF. The resulting on-resistance times gate charge FOM is 12.2% lower than the closest competing product and 22.5% lower than the previous-generation device.

Fourth Generation 600V EF Series Fast Body Diode MOSFET Delivers Industry-Low On-Resistance Times Gate Charge FOM for Power Conversion Applications

The Vishay Siliconix SiHH070N60EF slashes on-resistance by 29% compared with previous-generation devices while delivering 60% lower gate charge. The resulting on-resistance times gate charge FOM of 3.1Ω*nC is 30% lower than the closest competing MOSFET in the same class. These values translate into reduced conduction and switching losses to save energy in telecom, industrial, computing, and enterprise power supply applications.

40V Automotive Grade Power MOSFET Saves Space, Increases Reliability

The Vishay Siliconix SQJQ144AE is the industry’s first bond-wireless MOSFET in the PowerPAK® 8x8L gullwing leaded package. For automotive 12V board net applications, the device provides designers with a cost- and space-saving alternative to MOSFETs in T0LL and D2PAK packages, offering a two to three times reduction in footprint size while maintaining the same power requirements.

Automotive Grade AC and Pulse Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors Ensure Compliance With AEC-Q200 Rev. D, Withstand THB Testing

With operating temperatures to +125°C, Vishay BCcomponents MKP385e series devices ensure compliance with IEC 60384-17 and AEC-Q200 Revision D while withstanding temperature humidity bias (THB) testing of 60°C, 93% RH for 56 days at rated voltage. Offered in compact packages to increase density, the devices are ideal for hybrid and electric vehicles.

LVAC Power Capacitors With ESTAspring Reduce Assembly Time and Improve Connection Reliability for Vibration-Proof Performance

While most tubular power capacitors feature an IP20 terminal block with a screw connection, the ESTAspring lever-operated spring terminal connection of the Vishay ESTA PhMKP series is completely screwless. This enables a faster and easier connection, and the continuous contact force ensures the highest level of contact reliability over the devices’ entire lifetime

Thick Film Power Resistors for High Energy, High Power Applications

Cooled by auxiliary heatsinks, Vishay MCB thick film and thick film metal power resistors deliver ratings to 850W, with the option of two or three resistive elements in a single case. In addition, the Vishay MCB C64T reinforced winding wirewound resistor features power to 1200W. Custom designs for the resistors are available upon request.

Vishay Demos at APEC 2020

Vishay Dale will demonstrate the IHLE® inductor series’ significant reduction in radiated e-field EMI compared to other inductor types; the haptic response impulse profiles of the IHPT haptic actuator; the low ohmic value drift of CDMM thick film surface-mount chip dividers under increased temperatures; and the superior performance of RCP thick film resistors. Vishay Dale Thin Film will provide demonstrations of its PCAN series resistors and the new ThermaWick™ thermal jumper (THJP) as it manages the temperature of components. In a pulse load demonstration, Vishay Draloric / Beyschlag will blow up surface-mount resistors while explaining the different constructions and pulse performances of thick and thin film devices, highlighting the superior capabilities of cylindrical MELF resistors. Vishay Siliconix will be demonstrating the SiC45x microBUCK® family, showing the high efficiency and high IMON accuracy of Vishay’s first I²C based digital microBUCK solutions.

Vishay Presentations at APEC 2020

Breno Albuquerque will be presenting the industry session “High Performance Pulse Load Surface-Mount Resistors” as part of the Components Session. His presentation will take place Thursday, March 19, at 9:45 a.m. in room R01.

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