Vincotech Releases IPM Solution with Optional PFC

Vincotech announced that the flowIPM 1B product family is now also available without PFC (Power Factor Correction). The compact design and sophisticated thermal management of this IPM (Intelligent Power Modules) make it a suitablee solution for crowded mechanical environments.

The flowIPM is used most frequently for applications such as motor driver circuits with up to 1kW output power. It is the optimum solution for mechanical environments where space is tight, for example, embedded motor drives for fans, pumps, washing machines, and small industrial motor drives.

Vincotech’s flowIPM integrates the inverter, rectifier, and entire driver circuit so there is no need for additional external components. Integrated shunts add highly precise current sensing to the inverter’s capabilities.

The flowIPM 1B family comprises four types. 4 and 10A versions are available for the inverter section. The module comes in a 17mm high flow 1B housing measuring just 72 by 36 mm. Other options such as press-fit technology and phase-change material are also available on demand.

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