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Vicor Intros UniPAC DC/DC Converter

Westcor (Sunnyvale, CA), a division of Vicor, recently introduced the UniPAC. The UniPAC is Vicor's second generation high-density dc/dc converter designed for members of Westcor's MegaPAC family of power supplies. According to Westcor, by using a new higher full-brick Maxi instead of a current-generation converter, a three-Phase MegaPAC power supply can deliver twice as much power in the same size. The UniPAC is a single-slot ConverterPAC available with output voltages from 2-95Vdc and power outputs up to 500W. Using the UniPAC in Westcor's ten-slot 4kW MegaPAC, 4000W of power can be sourced from a supply with dimensions of only 4.9H x 7.5W x 12.3L. The 4kW MegaPACS, which operate from 3-phase ac source, can be paralleled for higher power needs. Pricing for the 4kW MegaPAC starts at $3,520 each.

Vicor Corp.
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