Vicor Intros FiltMOD & VI-IAM2 Modules

Vicor Corp. (Andover, MA) introduced two new accessory modules for use with its 2nd Generation 48V input dc/dc converters: a filter module (FiltMOD) and the 2nd Generation Input Attenuator Module (VI-IAM2). The FiltMOD is designed to provide common-mode and differential-mode filtering, while the IAM2 provides inrush current limiting, input transient and surge protection. Both are packaged in micro-size modules, measuring 2.28 x 1.45 x 0.5 inches, that can be wave soldered and socket or surface mounted.

In single quantities, the FiltMOD module is priced at $18.50 for the 8A version, $22 for the 12A version. The 10A IAM2 is priced at $25.95, while the 20A IAM2 is priced at $29.50.
Vicor Corp.
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