Vicor Introduces New Mid-Power 375Vin Maxi Modules

Vicor Corp. announced the addition of eight mid-power Maxi dc-dc converters to the 375Vdc input family: a 200W model at 3.3Vout, a 300W model at 5Vout, and 400W models at 12, 15, 24, 28, 36, and 48Vout. The modules — which incorporate Vicor’s patented low-noise Zero-Current and Zero-Voltage Switching (ZCS/ZVS) — are appropriate for off-line systems with PFC front ends, industrial or process control, distributed power, medical, ATE, communications, defense, and aerospace. Low noise ZCS/ZVS greatly reduces the design effort and filtering costs required for power converters to meet agency conducted emissions requirements.

With these new models, the 375Vin Maxi family now comprises 17 models with output voltages from 2 to 54Vdc and power levels from 160 to 600W. The converters operate from 375V nominal input, with an input range of 250V to 425V. Efficiencies range up to 89% for the higher output voltages. These models are available in five different environmental grades, with six different pin options and three baseplate options. The modules, which are optionally available in RoHS compliant models, are a compact 4.6 x 2.2 x 0.5 inch (117 x 56 x 12,7 mm) in size with a height above board of 0.43 inch (10,9 mm).

"Designers who don’t need the full-power capability of a 375 V Maxi module now have the availability of a mid-power Maxi with all of the functionality and configurability of the high power models," said Robert Marchetti, Manager, Product Marketing.

The new mid-power Maxis are available from stock to 6 weeks leadtimes and are priced from $128 in quantities of 1000.

Vicor Corp.
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