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Vicor Expands Enhanced Output Voltage Regulation DC-DC Modules

Vicor Corporation has introduced 25 new products to its growing family of dc-dc converter modules (DCMs) with tighter output voltage regulation of ±1%.  With unrivaled power densities of 1,032W/in3, the new series allows engineers to drive loads requiring tighter regulation with minimal additional circuitry or downstream components.

The DCM ChiP (Converter housed in Package) is a dc-dc converter module that operates from an unregulated, wide range input to generate an isolated, regulated dc output. With its high frequency zero-voltage switching (ZVS) topology, the DCM converter consistently delivers high efficiency across its entire input voltage range.

The new DCMs are used broadly across defense and industrial applications that require tighter output voltage regulation.  These applications include UAV, ground vehicle, radar, transportation and industrial controls.  The DCM ChiPs are available in M-grade, which can perform at temperatures as low as -55°C.

Leveraging the thermal and density benefits of Vicor's ChiP packaging technology, the DCM ChiP module offers flexible thermal management options with very low top and bottom side thermal impedances. Thermally-adept ChiP based power components enable customers to achieve cost-effective power system solutions with previously unattainable system size, weight and efficiency attributes, quickly and predictably.

Items in green are new DCM ChiPs available in standard and enhanced VOUT regulation. Items in black have been previously announced.

The DCM VIA module will additionally provide integrated EMI filtering, tight output voltage regulation, a secondary-referenced control interface, and flexible thermal management options while retaining the fundamental design benefits of the conventional brick architecture.

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