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Valere Launches SLC Power Upgrade Series

Valere Power Inc. (Richardson, TX), a maker of power systems for the wireless and broadband sections of the telecommunications industry, announced the SLC Power Upgrade Series, a set of drop-in power system replacement kits for the SLC Series 5 and SLC-96 digital loop carriers. The SLC systems have an installed base of several million lines, and the new systems help carriers address the on-going reliability issues and enable the provisioning of high-speed broadband services without installing expensive adjunct cabinets.

The smaller and more powerful Valere system can replace two of the original bulky SLC power plants, providing enough rack space and power capacity to deploy DSL and optical equipment into facilities designed for POTS only. Valere's system utilizes the V-Series rectifiers, offering 92 percent power conversion efficiency, which reduces the heat load of the power system and also alleviates the additional thermal burden of the high-speed data circuits.

The complete solution also includes dual 100 VA ring generators, an optional distribution panel with connections for up to four SLC channel banks, and extra output connections for attaching backup batteries or other equipment panels. The SLC power upgrade system has been engineered with connectors that match existing cabinet wiring for easy installation. The system can be used with either cabinet-mounted or rack-based SLC systems.

The SLC Power Upgrade Series is certified NEBS Level 3 compliant to meet high standards for electrical and operational safety in communications networks. A total of 11 SLC Power Upgrade kits are now available for use in a variety of SLC Series 5 and the SLC-96 cabinet and rack configurations.

Valere Power Inc.
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