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Valence Technology Offers K-Charge Power System

Valence Technology Inc. (Austin, TX), a leader in the development and commercialization of Saphion™ technology and lithium-ion polymer rechargeable batteries, offered its K-Charge™ Power System, which unleashes the power of lithium-ion in a large-format battery application suitable for an array of telecom, utility and enterprise applications.

The K-Charge system is a high-energy, smart, maintenance-free solution, which is suitable for ensuring the lights stay on during any shortage or blackout. With less volume and up to a third less weight than conventional energy storage devices, the K-Charge system offers an alternative to stand-by systems used today. The K-Charge system also features twice the run time of traditional VRLA systems and lower total cost of ownership.

The K-Charge features a nominal voltage of 48 V; a capacity at C/5 (23 °C) of 50 Ah; energy at C/5 (23 °C) of 2.6 kW/h; a cycle life of >2000 cycles (80% depth of discharge); an operating temperature of -20 ° to +60 °C (-4 °F to +140 °F); dimensions of 546 mm x 301 mm x 87.4 mm (21.5 in x 11.85 in x 3.44 in); and a weight of 30.4 kg (67 lb).

Valence Technology Inc.
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