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Unitrode Intros UCC39411/2/3 Synchronous Boost Converters

Unitrode Corp. (Merrimack, NH) introduced the UCC39411/2/3 family of low-power synchronous boost converters optimized to operate from low input voltages such as those provided from a single- or dual-cell battery. The new converters provide a wide input range that can accommodate such diverse power sources such as alkaline, NiCd, NiMH and lithium-ion batteries.The UCC39411 provides a user-programmable output voltage, while the UCC39412 provides a fixed 3.3V output, and the UCC39413 provides a fixed 5V output. Other features of the ICs include an auxiliary output and a user-programmable power-on-reset function. The ICs guarantee 1V startup under full load (60mA), with operation down to an input voltage of 0.5V. Variable frequency allows for converter efficiencies greater than 90 percent, according to Unitrode. A low-power shutdown mode allows for full output disconnect, while the IC draws only 3uA shutdown supply current. An output current limit circuit protects the IC from damage during overload conditions. Offered in 8-pin SOIC (D), TSSOP (PW) and DIL (N or J) packages, the ICs are priced at $1.97 in 1,000-piece quantities.

Texas Instruments (formerly Unitrode Corp.)
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