Ultra-Thin Li-Ion Battery Fuses for Over-Current and Over-Charging Protection

The demand for surface-mounted type fuses is rapidly increasing as reliable safety remains a key issue for battery powered tools, electronic devices and vehicles. SCHOTT's new Ultra-Thin Li-Ion Battery Fuses offer comprehensive protection in a super small design.

The fuse will cut off in case of an instance of overcurrent, and its self-heater element is able to externally cut off in case of overvoltage or overcharging. This design and functionality protects Li-ion batteries from potentially damaging and dangerous circumstances.

SCHOTT has developed the SEFUSE® D6SA-30 series surface mounted type fuse, suitable for 30A operating currents and compatible with up to 14 cells. It is an ideal choice for protecting Li-ion batteries in limited-space applications: its unique design is extremely compact, with a thickness of just 0.9mm.

It is well suited for applications requiring high current, such as garden and power tools, cordless vacuum cleaners, e-bikes, and notebook computers. SEFUSE® D6SA-30 series is certified to UL and TÜV safety standards.

SCHOTT also offers the SEFUSE® D6SA-20 series. This thin-design, surface mounted fuse supports 20A operating current, offering battery protection for a wider variety of products than ever before.

Schott AG
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