Ultra-Low 0.25µA Quiescent Current 150mA LDO

The AP7354 from Diodes, Inc. is a low dropout voltage regulator that features extremely low quiescent current. It features an ultra-low typical quiescent current of 0.25 microamps and miniature package dimensions.

The AP7354 is well-suited for low power handheld, wearable device, and other battery-operated devices requiring an extended time period before a new battery replacement.

The Internet-of-Things adds new products many of which are remote sensing devices requiring low power consumption. The low quiescent current and small size makes this low dropout regulator an ideal candidate for wearables, remote sensing, and other designs needing extend battery life.

Products depending on energy harvesting, coin cells, or multiple years of service from a single battery are the types of applications for which the AP7354 is suited.

Summary of features:

  • Lowest Quiescent Current
    • A typical quiescent current of 0.25µA leads to extended battery life for those applications were power must be conserved.
  • Choose Package Best Suited For Application
    • Currently available the SOT23 and SOT25 are suited for applications needing long battery life but may not be constrained to the smallest package space. The DFN1010 at 1.0mm X 1.0mm offers a small footprint without using chips scale.
  • 0% Output Accuracy at Room Temp, 1.5% over -40 to +85°C
    • Maintains accuracy over wide range of conditions. No need to sacrifice accuracy for small size.
  • Product Targeted for Wearables, IOT, or Long Term Applications
    • The AP7354 is designed specially for extending battery life.


Diodes Incorporated
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