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Udomi Announces Introduction of Fuel Cell / Solar Outdoor System for Off-Grid Applications

Udomi announced the introduction of the EFOY-OUTDOOR power supply for off grid applications. This system combines the Direct Methanol Fuel Cell unit EFOY (Energy for You) from the manufacturer Smart Fuel Cell AG and Solar PV power in a robust and reliable outdoor housing.

The EFOY-OUTDOOR system can be used to power measuring sites, traffic control, video surveillance, security systems and telecommunication equipment. While standalone PV-battery solutions often do not provide reliable power throughout the year, the EFOY-OUTDOOR solution in combination with solar panels will power an application all year long.

The key component of the EFOY-OUTDOOR system is the maintenance free EFOY fuel cell system from SFC AG. Equipped with a 10 Litre Methanol cartridge the EFOY system delivers up to 9kWh of electrical energy. Embedded in the OUTDOOR Box it can be used in a wide temperature range from -20 to 40°C. The OUTDOOR Box provides electrical interfaces for 12V load and 12V solar panels.

The EFOY-OUTDOOR system provides continuous output power ranging from 1-65W. Peak power demand (>100W) is buffered from a lead acid battery, which is also integrated in the OUTDOOR box. Systems with higher output power or 24V supply are available on request. Communication with the EFOY-OUTDOOR system can be realized via a local PC/Laptop or from remote using LAN/WLAN or GSM/GPRS. The system will inform the user automatically via email or SMS if the Methanol cartridge level is low and should be replaced.

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