Tyco Releases New CROWN LINE Bus Bar Power System

Tyco Electronics has released its CROWN LINE bus bar system, which is designed for power distribution in telecom base stations, computer servers, storage systems, industrial equipment and military applications.

The finger-proof construction is designed to reduce assembly time, give repeatable low impedance electrical performance and reduce wiring errors with pre-determined input/output connections. System thermal characteristics are improved with the use of flat copper layers, allowing better airflow and reducing current skin effects compared to conventional large AWG cables.

The bus bar system consists of an extruded profile holding two solid copper conductors. Power is supplied to the bus bar conductors using quick connect color-coded RAPID LOCK right angle sockets. The option to vary conductor thickness provides a flexible and adaptable design up to two meters in length, with the ability to pre-form conductors to fit into awkward envelopes, thereby maximizing available space for essential equipment.

A Circuit Breaker Connector (CBC) can be mated onto the bus bar at any location along its length. The CBC accepts industry standard circuit breakers with tab terminals. A POSITIVE LOCK cable assembly connects from the CBC to deliver power to the electronic devices. Power input and output connectors use Tyco Electronics’ CROWN BAND and CROWN CLIP contact systems for a reliable, low loss connection.

A CROWN LINE bus bar sample kit (part number 1922587-1) is available.

Tyco Electronics Corp.
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