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Tyco Intros 4812/24 Battery Plant, 596D Rectifier

Tyco Electronics Power Systems Inc. (Dallas, TX) announced its new GALAXY Power System 4812/24 Battery Plant and the GALAXY Switch-Mode Rectifier 596D, together integrating technology with streamlined plant control, monitoring, power and protection in a compact, cost-efficient power system.

The GPS4812/24 battery plant powers indoor and enclosure applications ranging from wireless base stations to downtown central offices. It provides power ranging from 100A to 800A in a half-height cabinet for mounting on top of valve-regulated, lead-acid batteries, up to 1,600A in a full-height single cabinet, or up to 6,400A in a multi-cabinet arrangement. The system is controlled by either a GALAXY VECTOR controller or GALAXY MILLENNIUM controller, either serving as the single interface point for rectifier control, converter control, alarm and status reporting, battery management, and plant diagnostics for the power system.

The 100A GALAXY 596D Switch-Mode Rectifier is a key element in the GPS 4812/24 Battery Plants, and is designed to convert ac input voltage into the dc voltage level required to power end user equipment, as well as to float-charge batteries at precise voltage levels. The 596D rectifier, suitable for telecommunications and data processing applications, is capable of operating over a wide temperature range of -40°C to +75°C, and suitable for both controlled and uncontrolled environments. It packs 9.2W/in³ and weighs 20lbs with an excellent 0.98 power factor and high efficiency.

The GALAXY Power System 4812/24 is NEBS Certified, UL listed, CE marked and VDE licensed. The 596D rectifier is UL recognized (Canada and US), VDE licensed and CE marked (meets 73/23/EEC and 93/68/EEC directives).

Tyco Electronics Power Systems
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