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Tyco Electronics Unveils Spectra DC/AC Inverters

Tyco Electronics Power Systems (Harrisburg, PA) announced its new Spectra inverter series, a cabinetized modular solution (CMS). Designed for central office and data center applications, the Spectra CMS inverter offers customers high reliability, quality and expandability in a front-accessible cabinet.

The Spectra CMS answers the growing trend toward modular, scalable units. It is available in a 7ft cabinet capable of accommodating up to seven modules for a powerful maximum output of 21kVA. Inverter modules are 3kVa each and 60Hz with a -48Vdc input and an output range of 108Vac to 125Vac, 115Vac nominal. The Spectra CMS inverter features a true N+1 redundant architecture, hot-swappable modules, simple installation and a high MTBF.

"The Spectra CMS inverter furthers Tyco Electronics' commitment to superior and reliable telecommunications power solutions," said James Saunders, product marketing manager for Tyco Electronics Power Systems power and accessories division. "The large cabinet boasts powerful output abilities designed to support robust applications such as those required for broadband services. And, the inverter's post-installation expandability offers customers an affordable and flexible solution with which they can grow."

The Spectra CMS inverters can be ordered in standard systems with power ranges from 3kVA to 21kVA, with the field-configurable option of N+1 redundancy. Each solution integrates a controller, static switch, maintenance bypass, ac distribution panel and a frame assembly wired for full expandability. The Spectra CMS inverter is now available in North America.

Tyco Electronics Power Systems
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