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Tyco Electronics Expands NP Series with NP CDM

Tyco Electronics Power Systems Inc. (Dallas, TX) expanded its NP™ Series – a family of 48 V power systems – with the NP Control and Distribution Module (CDM) indoor battery reserve system. The NP CDM can be used in conjunction with the NP0800, NP1200, NP1500 and NP2500 rectifiers providing N + 1 redundant reserve power for optical routing and switching, storage, broadband, wireless, and telecommunications applications worldwide.

The NP CDM provides control capability, most often required when floating batteries, and dc output distribution breakers. It connects an NP Power System to one or two battery strings, creating an indoor battery plant capable of 15 A to 100 A, N+1 redundant. The NP CDM has a low-voltage battery disconnect feature to protect batteries against deep discharge. Both the reconnect and disconnect thresholds can be set by the user. It also protects against connecting batteries in reverse polarity and may be restarted when depleted batteries are replaced with fresh batteries in order to preserve service during continued ac utility outage.

The NP CDM may be mounted in standard 19 in or 23 in rail widths. The latter requires use of a configurable mounting bracket. Mounting brackets are also available for the NP Shelf to be mounted in 23 in applications.

Tyco Electronics Power Systems
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