TVS Diode Array with Pin Capacitance Down to 0.8pF

Torex Semiconductor Ltd. launched the XBP141P, a new series of TVS diode array. XBP141P is mounted adjacent to an external interface, and it protects an IC installed in a subsequent stage from static discharge.

Typical applications for the TVS diode arrays include USB 3.0, DVI, and set-top boxes. Since the pin capacitance is as low as 0.8pF, it is possible to use it on high-speed signal lines, and they are suitable for line protection of USB 3.0 and other lines.

Moreover, four TVS diodes are in a compact DFN2510-10A (2.5mm x 1.0mm x 0.55mm) package enabling the protection of up to 4 lines.

These products are RoHS compliant and are free of lead, halogen, and antimony. The TVS diode array features terminal capacitance of 0.40pF (Line-to-GND) and ESD protection of 15kV Contact (IEC61000-4-2).

Samples of XBP141P are available upon request.

  • Pin capacitance: as low as 0.8pF
  • Terminal capacitance of 0.40pF (Line-to-GND)
  • Suitable for line protection of USB 3.0 and other lines
  • Enables protection of up to 4 lines
  • Package: DFN2510-10A
  • Compact size: 2.5mm x 1.0mm x 0.55mm
  • ESD protection: 15kV Contact (IEC61000-4-2)


Torex Semiconductor
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