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Trace Unveils SW Series Back-Up Electric System Package

Trace Engineering (Arlington, WA) has introduced a solution for power outage problems in areas where storms or too much demand due to hot weather cause outages. Their solution is called the Back-up Electric System Package. When connected to a generator, solar panels or other energy sources, the systems can provide power during a blackout. Trace is offering five different models in the SW Series from 1,000W to 10,000W and four models in a lower cost line from 500W to 3,000W. When installed, the system is designed to supply electricity via a battery bank, to selected appliances and equipment during a power interruption. Trace claims the back-up power comes in so quickly that no glitch is experienced while operating a computer. All models feature silent operation and UL listing for assurance of safe operation. When coupled with a renewable power source, some models can actually send excess power back to the utility. According to Trace, the units are the only battery backup inverters on the market approved for utility sellback."More and more users of electricity are finding that a backup electric system is the ideal defense against unpredictable power," Trace Vice President for Sales and Marketing Sam Vanderhoof stated, "From a small 500W unit that can run a computer, lights and fax, to a 30kW installation used to power a bank in Latin America, we have seen an incredible growth in demand for these systems. We developed our new system packages to make the selection and installation of a backup system almost as easy as buying any other household appliance."

Trace Technologies (formerly Trace Engineering)
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