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TowerJazz and KERI Prototyping SiC FET Gate Driver IC on 0.18um SOI Platform

TowerJazz today announced Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI), a government research institute specializing in IC and system development for power and energy fields with advanced technology, has begun prototyping its gate driver IC based on TowerJazz's advanced power SOI 0.18um platform.

These gate driver ICs are aimed for high-temperature, high-voltage applications such as white goods and electric vehicles which need power converters and inverters with high efficiency and high power density.

KERI's gate driver IC is expected to be a more efficient solution than the IGBT/SiC MOSFET offering as it enables higher operating speeds (500KHz) and a newly added short circuit protection function.  KERI has completed a prototype of the single SiC MOSFET and expects to benefit customers by providing both the SiC MOSFET and the gate driver IC as an optimized set.

TowerJazz's 200V power SOI 0.18um platform provides highly integrated mixed-signal capabilities combined with noise and voltage isolation, smaller die size and negative voltages, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of end applications such as: automotive battery monitors, industrial gate drivers, consumer haptic drivers, ac-dc and medical ultra sound sensors.

This offering is highly suitable to meet the increasing demand for high voltage operation, multi-channel ICs and the 48V market trend that requires the ability of ICs to support up to 200V breakdown voltage, with a development roadmap designed to meet higher voltage demands. In addition, the process enables low leakage, improved latch-up and immunity that ultimately increases the reliability of operation at high temperatures and high voltages.

"TowerJazz's SOI power process offers flexibility to optimize device options for our product design, and we are very satisfied with their advanced BCD technology and their strong local support in terms of fast response on our diverse needs. We look forward to cooperating on further projects with TowerJazz," said Dr. Bahng Wook, Director of Power Semiconductor Research Center at KERI.

“We are pleased to closely support KERI with new technology to produce their high-performance gate driver IC, enabling higher temperature and higher voltage applications. We are continuously expanding our power platform portfolio to provide extensive and competitive analog process solutions meeting the needs of the rapidly growing automotive market in Korea," said Michael Song, President TowerJazz Korea and Vice President of Sales Korea.

Korea Electrotechnology Institute , TowerJazz Semiconductor, Ltd.
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