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Toshiba Launches 800V Bipolar Transistor for Switching Power Supplies

Toshiba Corporation has launched an 800V bipolar transistor for switching power supplies of mobile devices that can contribute to reducing standby power. Shipping of mass production products will start from immediately. There is typically a trade-off between blocking voltage and dc current gain (hFE). By applying the latest fine pattern technology, the new product achieves both high collector-emitter voltage (VCEO = 800V) and high dc current gain (hFE = 100-200), which contributes to reducing standby power of mobile devices.

The TTC014 NPN bipolar transistor is packaged in Toshiba's new PW-mold package. It is rated for 1A of current at 800V VCEO and can dissipate up to 40W. It achieves its high dc current gain (hFE) of 100-200 with VCE = 5V, Ic = 0.1A and Ta = 25 degrees C.

Toshiba Corporation
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