Toshiba Adds Low On-State Resistance MOSFETs In Compact, High-Current 3.3 x 3.3mm TSON Package

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC) announced the availability of Toshiba’s TSON Advance MOSFET package that offers high power dissipation in a thin, compact, 3.3 x 3.3 x 0.9mm package. Compared to the widely used 5.0mm x 6.0mm SOP-8 package, the TSON Advance package developed by Toshiba Corp. (Toshiba) reduces mount area requirements by 64%, while achieving the same power dissipation of 1.9W.

TAEC also announced four low R(DS)(ON) power MOSFETs in this new TSON Advance package, targeted for use in power management switch or battery protection control circuits (PCM) for notebook PCs and electronics. The compact package enables high density mounting with high current capability.

A 30V N-channel device, TPCC8008, and a 20V N-channel device, TPCC8007, are included in the initial lineup, along with two 30V P-channel devices, TPCC8102 and TPCC8103. For specifications and R(DS)(ON), please see table below.

"The small, highly compact TSON Advance package helps reduces board space requirements while achieving high power density comparable to the larger SOP-8, " said Jeff Lo, Business Development Manager, Discrete Power Devices, for TAEC. "As a result of this robust packaging technology, the new MOSFETs offer designers options to increase board density or reduce the overall board size."

Samples of the new Toshiba UMOS IV and V MOSFETs in TSON packages are available now, with mass production beginning to ramp for TPCC8008, TPCC8102 and TPCC8103. Mass production for TPCC8007 will begin in October 2009. Prices in sample quantities start at $0.30.

Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc.
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