Torex Semi Introduces 400mA Line Switch With Low ON Resistance

Torex Semiconductor Europe Ltd. announced the XC8102, a low voltage P-Channel MOSFET power switch for high load switching applications. The XC8102 has ON/OFF control and intended to provide a series of stable voltage outputs. By connecting, for example, the XC8102’s VIN pin to the output pin of a step-down dc-dc converter such as the XC9235, the line switcher can be used to provide a number of accurate & efficient output rails.

The XC8102’s CE pin controls the ON/OFF for each switcher to deliver power as and when needed thereby maximizing overall efficiency. No external capacitors are needed so the XC8102 is also a space saving solution where board space is at a premium.

The MOSFETs are packaged inUSP-4, SC-82, and SOT-25.

Torex Semiconductor Europe Ltd.
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