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Todd Products Intros TPS, TPD, TPT and TPQ Series of Power Supplies

Todd Products Corp. (Brentwood, NY) introduced a new series of low-cost single- and multiple-output power supplies designed for computers and office automation equipment. Eleven models of the ac-input power supplies are available, with ratings from 40W to 85W.Four families are offered, including the single-output TPS (Todd Products Single) power supplies are available with 65W or 85W ratings. The dual-output TPD (Todd Products Dual) models are available with ratings of 40W, 50W, 60W, 65W, 70W and 85W. The triple-output TPT (Todd Products Triple) models are available with 65W or 85W ratings, and the TPQ (Todd Products Quad) is an 85W power supply with four outputs. Available outputs for all models range from 3.3V at 10A to 48V at 1.8A. The units are offered in industry standard 3×5 or 2×7 footprints. The power supplies accept universal power input from 90V to 265V, 47-63Hz, single phase ac and 120-370Vdc. The units comply with international safety requirements and Class B EMI standards, including the CE low voltage directive. The 40W model is priced at $21 in OEM quantities.

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