TI Unveils TMS320F2810 Digital Signal Controllers

Texas Instruments Inc. (TI, Dallas, TX) announced the use of the TMS320F2810 digital signal controllers in Chronotek's Industrial OEM Ultrasonic Flow Meter Chrondyne Pulse Module. TI's F2810 controller enables the Pulse Module to make 300 calculations per second, where high data density is essential in difficult applications due to unstable flows or contaminants.

The F2810 controller brings accuracy in fluid measurement for a variety of OEM industrial applications, including semiconductor manufacturing, medical metering and aviation. The F2810 controller also reduces the flow meter system to the size of a credit card, which is significantly smaller than the 40 in² of board space needed for many current, MCU-based systems. Finally, 128 kW of Flash memory offered by the F2812 controller makes reprogramming during development and in-field software updates easy for developers.

Texas Instruments Inc.
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