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TI Unveils New TPS43000 PWM Controller

Texas Instruments Inc. (TI, Dallas, TX) announced its new multi-topology, high-frequency, BiCMOS, pulse-width modulation (PWM) controller, the TPS43000, which features operating frequencies of 2MHz in highly efficient, synchronous rectification, dc/dc power conversion.

The new controller is suitable for battery-powered portable equipment such as satellite and cellular phones, digital cameras, PDAs, and GPS devices. Non-portable applications include distributed power and point of load, dc/dc power conversion for networking equipment, servers, base stations, and merchant and OEM power systems.

The TPS43000 regulates buck, boost, SEPIC and flyback topologies. Handling input voltages as low as two alkaline or nickel batteries (1.8V through 9.0V), the device controls output voltages in the 0.8V to 8.0V range. External p- and n-channel power MOSFETs are driven directly by the IC’s fast,

high-current, gate-drive outputs. The supply current is 1mA operating at 500kHz, and the sleep mode consumes only 100µA; complete shutdown draws 1µA.

Under-voltage lockout keeps the controller idle until a 1.6V input threshold is reached, and 150mV of hysteresis facilitates smooth startups. The TPS43000 can be programmed for synchronizable fixed-frequency operation or pulse-frequency modulation to achieve low power consumption.

The TPS43000 is now available. It is housed in a compact, low-profile, 16-pin, TSSOP, surface-mount power package. Pricing in quantities of 1,000 is $2.75.

Texas Instruments
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