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TI Unveils New TMS320C24x Digital Signal Controllers

Texas Instruments Inc. (TI, Dallas, TX) and Ariston, of Merloni Elettrodomestici, announced that TI's digital signal processing (DSP) based TMS320C24x digital signal controllers are enabling sophisticated motor control for reduced noise levels and improved washing efficiency in Ariston's Super Silent line of washing machines. Using TI's low-power controllers, Merloni Elettrodomestici has implemented a three-phase ac motor with field-oriented control (FOC) in its designs.

The TMS320LF2401A digital signal controller is a low-cost, 16-bit, 40 MIPS, fixed-point, DSP-based controller featuring an integrated, single-cycle multiplier; seven pulse-width modulation, variable frequency and dead-time ports; five ultra-rapid, 10-bit, analog to digital converters; and an impulse capture circuit with a 16-bit timer and asynchronous serial communication.

TI's C24x™ DSP core and microcontroller-like integrated peripherals enable the more computationally extensive FOC control needed for three-phase motors without increasing overall system costs. The substantial reduction in noise is made possible by combining the efficient three-phase motor with a suspension system designed to absorb impacts with special sound-resistant materials, resulting in a noise level reduction of about 10 dB and a simultaneous increase in efficiency of 30 percent.

Texas Instruments Inc.
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