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TI Intros TPS731xx/TPS732xx/TPS736xx LDOs

Texas Instruments Inc. (TI, Dallas, TX) announced new capacitor-free, low drop-out, linear regulators (LDOs) with reverse leakage current protection and low noise. The new LDOs are suitable for 150mA, 250mA and 400mA applications such as personal digital assistants, electronic game consoles, wireless LAN cards, notebook computers, digital cameras and digital signal processor power supplies.

The new TPS731xx, TPS732xx and TPS736xx families provide load transient response and stability with or without an additional output capacitor. All three families of devices help extend battery life and system run times through a low-current consumption of under 1µA when the LDOs are in shutdown mode.

The three LDO families are available now in a five-pin, small SOT-23 package. Suggested resale pricing in the SOT-23 in quantities of 1,000 units is $0.45 for the TPS731xx 150mA LDOs, $0.65 for the TPS732xx 250mA devices, and $0.80 for the TPS736xx 400mA LDOs.

Texas Instruments Inc.
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