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TI Adds Enable to Drivers for DC-DC Converters

Texas Instruments Inc. (TI, Dallas, TX) announced that it is adding an Enable pin to its widely adopted line of high-efficiency, synchronous buck drivers for non-isolated, low-output-voltage dc-dc converters. Providing a new driver with Enable provides improved flexibility and control when managing low-output voltages in central processing units, computing, telecom, datacom and general merchant power supply systems.

The new UCC27223 driver with Enable, and the previously announced UCC27221 and UCC27222 devices produce ±3A of output drive current for efficient power MOSFET switching at critical Miller plateau thresholds. The UCC27223 device's Enable pin and proprietary Predictive Gate Drive digital control technology reduce diode conduction and reverse recovery losses in synchronous rectifier MOSFETs. In addition, the overall converter efficiency improves up to 2% to 4%.

The UCC2722x drivers are available in thermally enhanced, low-profile, HTSSOP-14 PowerPAD™ packages. Pricing for the UCC27223 device with Enable in quantities of 1,000 units is $1.25.

Texas Instruments Inc.
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