Telgenco Launches New 5kW 48Vdc Generator for Renewable Deployments

Telgenco has launched a new dc generator targeted specifically for renewable energy deployments and remote telecoms sites.

"The Quiet48-5 genset has a number of features that make it ideally suited for renewable deployments" said Company CEO Simon Albury. "These include an internal 48V battery bank, a solar PV charger, and a secure remote management system that allows the genset to be managed and monitored from anywhere on the planet".

The genset has a high capacity internal fuel tank and also has a 100% biofuel option.

"The 100% biofuel option combined with solar allows for green energy deployments to control a wide range of remote equipment including cellular sites, microwave communications sites, environmental monitoring stations and remote defense assets" said Mr Albury.

Increasing numbers of remote cellular sites are being run on a combination of diesel and solar systems. The GSM Association’s Green Power for Mobile program is an initiative to advance the use of renewable energy sources by the mobile industry to power 118,000 new and existing off-grid base stations in developing countries. So far just over 10,000 sites have been installed with a further 10,000 planned. Telgenco also believes there is a good business case for use of its systems in developed countries.

"Coverage is still a service differentiator in many developed countries." said Mr Albury. "In remote places getting a power supply to the optimum site location can be the major cost of a new site, using a combined solar and generator solution or a dual generator solution can save a huge amount of the capital costs of remote sites and allow operators to offer better coverage than their competitors."

Telgenco is part of Controllis Limited. The Controllis development team has a background in telecommunications, power generation, defense and formula 1 motorsport sectors. The company, founded in 2008, is privately owned and funded by the management team, a number of private investors and Cambridge based Martlet.

More news and information regarding the latest developments in Smart Grid electronics can be found at Darnell’s SmartGridElectronics.Net.

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