TelCom Semiconductor Announces the New TC33025 PWM Controller

TelCom Semiconductor Inc. (Mountain View, CA) announced the TC33025, a dual-output PWM controller optimized for high-frequency operation. This 1MHz PWM controller is designed for use in a variety of switching regulator architectures. TelCom claims that it offers a higher degree of integrated functionality within a PWM controller, eliminating the need for multiple discrete components while saving cost and improving system performance.

"The addition of this new 1MHz PWM controller to our existing broad line of power MOSFET drivers and recently announced high-voltage switching regulators, makes TelCom unique in its capability to provide power-system customers with a full suite of components addressing a wide range of power-system applications," said Don Ashley, manager of advanced products marketing at TelCom Semiconductor.

The TC33025 features an oscillator, a temperature-compensated reference, a wide bandwidth error amplifier, a high-speed current-sensing comparator, steering flip-flop, and dual high-current totem pole outputs. Protective features include under-voltage lockout for both input and on-chip reference voltages (with hysteresis), cycle-by-cycle current limiting, and a latch for single-pulse metering. The design flexibility of the TC33025 provides easy configuration for either current-mode or voltage-mode control. The device can be used in ac/dc off-line power supplies and high-voltage dc/dc applications in telecommunication, networking and aviation equipment, including motor driver systems.

Packaged in a 16-pin SOIC or 16-pin PDIP, 1,000-piece pricing starts at $2.17.

TelCom Semiconductor Inc.
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