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TDK Intros AVRL101A3R3N/A6R8N Varistors

TDK Corp. (Japan) has released low-capacitance, multi-layer, chip varistors that are designed to suit high-speed signal line applications. Featuring what the company claims is the industry's lowest clamping voltage, the AVRL101A3R3N and AVRL101A6R8N, have a capacitance of 3.3pF and 6.8pF, respectively.

Using TDK's newly developed rare-earth, zinc-oxide varistors and other materials, the products feature high surge protection, high resistance to soldering heat, a 10V circuit voltage and a 27V threshold voltage. The lead-free products include terminal electrodes plated with nickel and tin as well as ground terminals coated with silver. The varistors measure 1mm x 0.5mm. Pricing is $0.18 per piece.

TDK Corp.
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