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TDK Innoveta Expands Supereta iQN Quarter-Brick Series

TDK Innoveta Inc. (Plano, TX) expanded its Supereta family with the iQN Series of 35 V/6 A and 28 V/7 A industry-standard, isolated, dc-dc quarter-brick converters, which achieve 92% full load efficiency through insulated metal substrate-based design. Featuring voltage foldback, constant-current limit, droop load share and through-hole mounting studs, the products are suitable for power amplifier and fan tray applications.

The 35 V/6 A Supereta iQN Series can offer full power at 70°, 200 LFM with an added heatsink or 4.7 A at 60°, and 300 LFM without a heatsink, while the 28 V/7 A product can provide 6.6 A at 60°, and 300 LFM without a heatsink. In cold plate or "clamshell" applications, the products can provide full rated power at 90 °C baseplate temperature.

Both the 35 V/6 A and 28 V/7 A modules offer the options for latched or non-latched over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection. The iQN Series modules boast 2.3 million hours of calculated mean time between failure at 40 °C ambient. Products are approved to EN60950 for basic insulation and manufactured in an ISO9000-certified facility.

The iQN48006A350V (35 V/6 A) and the iQN48007A280V (28 V/7 A) are priced at $90 for 1,000-unit quantities. Samples are available now.

TDK Innoveta Inc.
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