TDI Introduces New 4.1kW, 28V Liquid Cooled DC-DC Converter

TDI has developed LiquaCore™ (patent pending) power management technology which employs liquid cooling from a modular and scalable architecture. The technology uses a cold plate to wrap the electronics with cooling liquid in a sealed package that enables efficient management of waste heat at very high power densities. The cooling liquid employed is either water or a mixture of water and ethylene glycol (anti-freeze). By using standard converter modules powered from a typical 370Vdc bus, the company states that it can quickly configure a high power solution for virtually any application.

As part of its power management technology, TDI Power has developed a 4.1kW, 28V liquid cooled dc-dc converter that boasts 93% efficiency and has an MTBF of more than 100,000 hours. With a power density exceeding 35w/in3, we can easily create a modular solution for higher power needs – up to 50kW or more. The module is well suited for harsh environment vehicular applications and can be configured with a customized outer chassis to meet virtually any available space claim. By utilizing common mechanical extrusions and mainstream components, the product is well suited for high volume manufacturing.