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Taiyo Yuden Introduces DC-AC Inverter With Alarm Signal Output For Backlighting Industrial LCD Panels

Taiyo Yuden (U.S.A.), Inc., announced the LS6Q-1612A-RH – the latest addition to its line-up of compact, low-profile dc-to-ac inverters for driving cold-cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL) in Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) back-lighting applications. Designed specifically for use with 12-17" industrial-grade LCD panels, the LS6Q-1612A-RH provides dual LCD panel capability. It features brightness / backlight on-off control and a 5V (typ.) alarm output (if the inverter detects a CCFL open condition of the LCD display systems).

This device is widely used in medical electronics, machine tools, digital signage, point-of-sale / kiosks, touch-screen and test & measurement equipment applications.

Available now in OEM quantities, the RoHS-compliant LS6Q-1612A-RH LCD backlight driver provides an input of 12Vdc and an output current of 3.3-6mArms per lamp. The device’s CCFL driving circuit includes a self-oscillating dc-ac converter, known as a Royer circuit, which minimizes EMI compared to other control methods. Total device power output is 4W per lamp, or 16W total. Physically, the LS6Q-1612A-RH measures only 5.91" (150mm) L x 1.97" (50mm) W x 0.39" (10mm) H. Other specifications include 1500Vrms start-up voltage, 2A maximum input current and wide operating and storage temperature ranges of -20 to +70°C and -30 to +85°C, respectively.

The units are priced at $42.54 each at OEM quantities with a delivery of 16 weeks ARO for large OEM orders.

Taiyo Yuden (U.S.A.) Inc.
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