Automotive Electronics

Supertex Debuts LR12 Linear Regulator

Supertex Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA) debuted its new LR12 high-voltage, adjustable, linear regulator, which features an operating input-voltage range of 13.2V to 100V, and has a voltage circuit protection that is suitable for high-voltage rail applications such as dc/dc switch-mode power supply startup circuits, industrial and motor controls, battery-powered systems, power supplies, telecom and automotive applications, and LED drivers.

The IC features an adjustable output voltage of 1.2V to 88V, and provides output-current limiting (up to 100mA) for fail-safe protection system design. A 5% internal reference is provided, which meets the majority of power supply system requirements. The LR12 operates normally at a quiescent current of 10µA and can be put into a low-power shutdown state by back biasing the output.

Offered in TO-92, SO-8 and D-Pak packages, the products are priced at $1.03 for the LR12N3, $1.12 for the LR12LG and $1.23 for the LR12K4, all in 1,000-unit quantities.