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Superpower Develops Thionyl-Chloride Battery

Shanghai Superpower Electronic Co. Ltd. (China) has developed a high-temperature, thionyl-chloride, lithium battery that is designed to power wireless telephones, mobile phones, interphones, power-tools, home facilities, and computer and A/V devices. With double-protect circuit and over-charge, temperature and short-circuit protections, the product features a switch-off function when accidental short circuit happens.

Dimensions offered are 6.2mm x 62mm x 70mm (2.2Ah), 10mm x 34mm x 80mm (2.6Ah), 5.5mm x 103mm x 103mm (3.8Ah), 5.2mm x 73mm x 136mm (4.8Ah), 2.5mm x 188mm x 198mm (5Ah), 10.5mm x 50mm x 102mm (5.5Ah), 15mm x 70mm x 72mm (7Ah), 5mm x 188mm x 198mm or 11mm x 74mm x 190mm (10Ah), and 7.5mm x 188mm x 198mm (15Ah). Net weights are 52g, 58g, 102g, 110g, 115g, 131g, 142g, 230g or 285g, and 350g, respectively.

Shanghai Superpower Electronic Co. Ltd.
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