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StoreDot and BP Demonstrate 5-Minute Charging of Scooter

For the first time, StoreDot and its partner BP demonstrated a live, full-charge of a two-wheel EV in just five minutes. With StoreDot’s ultra-fast charging battery, the electric scooter showed that the technology can charge an electric vehicle in merely five minutes.

According to Storedot, the power-depleted scooter was driven away after just five minutes with a topped-up battery and enough power to travel 70 kilometers. The scooter would normally have a charging time of about four hours.

This proof-of-concept represents a significant milestone for ultra-fast charging battery technology and its potential to accelerate the adoption of EVs. The company says that this demonstration is an important step in bringing their fast-charging battery technology to market.

StoreDot asserts that its ultra-fast charging battery technology offers the potential to bring electric vehicle charging times down to current refueling times of internal combustion vehicles. When combined with the necessary ultra-fast charging infrastructure, Storedot and BP expect the technology to drastically enhance the EV ownership experience and play a key role in the earlier adoption of EVs.

Storedot claims that its EV flash battery enables full charging in 5 minutes, providing up to 300 miles (480 km) of driving distance, depending on the EV model.

Moreover, StoreDot says that its fast-charging technology would shorten the amount of time drivers have to wait in line to charge their cars, thereby reducing the number of required charging posts at a given charging station.

“Within today’s society of time poverty, a five-minute charge enabled by ultra-fast charging batteries and infrastructure, can make an EV as attractive to users as a petrol or diesel one,” explains Dr. Doron Myersdorf, CEO of StoreDot. “By using a two-wheel electric vehicle from Torrot, we have demonstrated the transformative potential of this technology for the first time in a real-life application, which will be applied to four-wheel electric vehicles in the future. This is an important milestone for the industry, and we will continue to evolve our technology in close collaboration with our partner BP to help in EV adoption.”

BP’s Advanced Mobility Unit (AMU) plans to use its energy expertise to develop the fastest and most convenient network of home, destination, and forecourt charging in prime locations around the world.

“Ultra-fast charging is at the heart of BP’s electrification strategy, which is why we invested in StoreDot last year, and why we are supporting this technology demonstration today,” says Jon Salkeld, technology director for BP’s AMU. “For the industry as a whole, this demonstration proves that an ultra-fast charging world will soon be possible and supports our goal of helping to create the infrastructure and collaboration framework required to facilitate a wider global technological shift to electric vehicles.”

StoreDot will continue working with BP and its other main strategic partners, to advance the development and deployment of its ultra-fast battery charging technology throughout the industry. The company based in Herzliya, Israel company plans to put begin selling its scooter batteries in 2021.

Also in 2021, Storedot scheduled its next proof of concept demonstration of charging a Mercedes for a 300-mile drive in just five minutes, instead of the several hours it takes to charge the car now. The automobile battery will require 10 times as many power cells as the scooter battery, and it will need an even more efficient way of cooling while in use, according to Myersdorf.

StoreDot Ltd. , BP plc
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