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Startup Ceravision Launches Microwave Powered Light Bulb

Ceravision Ltd. is introducing its new Continuum™ 2.4 lighting technology, which is now available for evaluation by lamp and electronics manufacturers. The company’s Continuum™ 2.4 lighting technology is a compact electrodeless lamp system, which is claimed to be the first commercially viable bulb to be powered by microwaves.

Patented internationally, the Continuum™ 2.4 is claimed to provide a "long stable lamp life, high brightness, brilliant colors, fast turn-on and extraordinary energy efficiency." According to the company, unlike competing environmentally friendly bulbs, Continuum™ 2.4 contains no mercury. Continuum™ 2.4 is also said to be inexpensive to manufacture using widely available components.

Tim Reynolds, Chief Executive of Ceravision Ltd., said, "Continuum™ 2.4 is truly a breakthrough technology, which we are very proud to have been developing in this home of monumental technological breakthroughs. Continuum™ 2.4 will change the way that commercial and industrial lighting develops. There’s simply no other environmentally friendly bulb on the market that delivers the quality of light that Continuum™ 2.4 delivers with such a low manufacturing cost".

Continuum™ 2.4 lamps are said to be easily integrated into mass-market electronics, such as projection displays. Mike Hanney, Technical Director of Polymer Optics says, "Ceravision have succeeded in developing a truly remarkable new light source. Its capabilities to provide a widely selectable wavelength range, extremely high levels of efficacy and long life, combined with a small emission area, make this an illumination product designers dream. This technology is truly set to be the biggest revolution to the lighting industry since the invention of the filament lamp, and even the high power LED".

Ceravision already has the backing of several large investors including Saad Investments and ASA Consultants. Ceravision is releasing evaluation units immediately for manufacturers interested in licensing Ceravision’s IP portfolio.

Ceravision Ltd.
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