Stackpole Releases New Version of Low Value Molded Resistor

Stackpole Electronics has announced the release of the MRS version of its MR Series of low value molded resistor. The MRS utilizes Stackpole’s proprietary stabilization process to produce a molded axial leaded product with high load life and short time overload stability twice that of the standard MR. The company says that this performance is popular for customers who require long product life, or have sensitive power control circuitry that demands a minimum shift in resistance. Applications for this type of product include controls for electrical and mechanical motors, security systems and access control and monitoring, energy monitoring and control, medical monitoring, and instrumentation.

The MRS Series performance can be customized to fit the requirements of many different applications. Pricing will vary depending on the level of stability required and the special processing needed to achieve that stability.

Pricing for the popular 2 watt size is typically around $0.35 each.

Stackpole Electronics Inc.
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