ST Intros New High-Voltage MOSFETs – 800V STW11NB80 & 900V STW9NB90

STMicroelectronics Inc. (Lexington, MA) has extended its range of power MOSFETs with the introduction of very high voltage devices rated at 800V and 900V. Housed in TO-247 packages, the 800V STW11NB80 and the 900V STW9NB90 are claimed to provide state-of-the-art switching performance with low maximum on-resistances of only 0.8 and 1, respectively, and maximum continuous drain currents of 11A and 9A respectively.The new devices offer low total gate charges (typically 64nC for the STW9NV90 and 70nC for the STW11NB80), leading to simpler gate drive requirements and highly efficient turn-off performance, according to ST, while the +/-30V gate-to-source rating was designed to ensure an extra safety margin against voltage spikes applied to the gate. The low-leakage currents guaranteed at full breakdown voltage rating and at 125 degrees C are claimed to drastically improve long term reliability.Designed for switch-mode power supplies for a large variety of equipment, such as desktop PCs, file servers, monitors and workstations, the STW11NB80 and STW9NB90 are 100 percent avalanche tested, with available characteristics specified at both 25 and 100 degrees C. Devices in the same family are also available in TO-200 packages as the STP7NB80 (800V, 1.6 maximum) and STP6NB90 (900V, 1.9 maximum).The STW11NB80 is available in quantities of 10,000 for $2.70 each, while the STW9NB90 is priced at $2.80 each in the same quantities.

STMicroelectronics Inc.
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