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Sonics and Inomize Partner on ISO26262 Automotive Chip Design

Sonics, Inc. announced a partnership with Inomize (Netanya, Israel) that enables chip designs to comply with the ISO 26262 automotive functional safety standard using Sonics' NoCs with Inomize's ASIC design platforms and services. Sonics and Inomize recently worked together in support of a top-tier semiconductor company for the successful implementation of advanced machine learning technologies targeted for automotive applications.

This new partnership replicates that project's success by offering automotive chip designers the IP and comprehensive services that overcome the challenges of ISO 26262 compliance.

Automotive electronic systems are becoming more common and sophisticated, and thus, safety and verification are a critical part of every automotive chip design as well as the IP integrated into the silicon.

Compliance with ISO 26262, which describes automotive functional safety requirements and levels, has become mandatory for products in this domain. System and chip designers must comply with the standard allowing their end products to be certified.

Automotive chip designers interested in using Sonics' NoC as the integration fabric now have access to Inomize's design expertise and platforms. Inomize is a professional research and development firm specializing in the design and delivery of hardware solutions. Inomize offers a wide range of services tailored to meet project needs and product constraints in terms of cost, performance, and power consumption.

The Sonics-Inomize partnership offers mutual customers mission critical assistance to achieve ISO 26262 compliance, including:

  • Identification of safety-related features of the NoC and configuration guidance to streamline functional safety analysis and implementation
  • Implementation and verification of hardware elements to achieve functional safety requirements
  • Preparation of a tailored safety manual to detail the completed work products.

"Our partnership with Inomize addresses the difficult and time-consuming nature of ISO 26262-compliant chip design," said Grant Pierce, CEO of Sonics. "After our initial project success working closely with Inomize, we decided to offer these design services and IP as a turnkey solution for automotive chip design customers looking to streamline the process.

"We found that many of the competitive offerings for ISO 26262-compliant chip design leave the implementation details around configurable IP to the customer to solve. Inomize are experts in the art of chip integration with in-depth technical knowledge of configurable IP and proven methodologies that ensure customer success," concluded Pierce.

"Sonics is a natural partner because its NoC fits seamlessly into our chip design platforms as a high performance integration fabric," said Udi Shaked, CEO of Inomize. "The combined solution and accompanying services enable rapid integration and verification of ISO 26262-compliant chips for our automotive customers."

Sonics, Inc. , Inomize
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