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SMC Announces New ARM10/11 Series Regulators

SMC Corp. (Tustin, CA), a manufacturer of pneumatic automation products, announced its new ARM10/11 Series of compact manifold regulators, which provide maximum space efficiency when multiple units are used. Developed to combine regulators in a compact manifold configuration, the regulators save space, piping connections and enable mounting of a number of units in a control panel or on a DIN rail for maximum space efficiency.

The ARM10/11 regulator has a built-in pressure gauge and the option of two pressure ranges. Available for ports of various sizes, it also enables ports to be run out of the top or bottom for versatility, in difficult or confined spaces. The regulator banks can be made to suit the requirements of OEMs and end users in any industry, including food, pharmaceuticals, automotive and semiconductor.

Non-relieving and oil-free versions of the new regulators are now available upon request.

SMC Corp.
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