Batteries and Portable Power

SK Transformer Presents New AC/DC Adapters

Shanghai SK Transformer Co. Ltd. (China) announced its new ac/dc adapters, which offer reliable construction, a compact and lightweight form-factor, high efficiency, low power consumption, high heat resistance and extended service life. The devices meet UL and CE standards.

The adapters can be employed in household appliances, medical instruments, communication devices, PCs, battery chargers and electric meters, among other applications.

Specified to operate at temperatures ranging from -30 to +65 degrees C, the adapters accept input voltages of 110Vac, 220Vac or 230Vac. They provide 6Vdc, 9Vdc or 12Vdc, and 600mA outputs. They exhibit a conversion efficiency rated at up to 70 percent.

Shanghai SK Transformer Co. Ltd.
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